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Hi, I'm Damon

Professional Web Designer + DEVELOPER

Let’s Chat 

Hi there, I'm Damon from San Francisco, CA.

I work with passionate individuals, small business owners, and brands who are ready to take their ideas online. Whether you already have a website or just a vision, I can help turn your online presence into a thing of beauty.

With a background in IT Consulting and SF Start Up life I've got the business chops to take your online presence to the next level.

Oh, and we’ll also have some fun along the way!


Below is a small snapshot of my work in the web design, web development, and SEO space. 

Lax Goalie Rat

My site dedicated to teaching lacrosse goalies. Best site for lacrosse goalie tips and now featuring my lacrosse goalie book and lacrosse goalie camp.

Fire On The Hill

Website showcasing an upcoming feature documentary about the cowboys of South Central LA. Made sure to incorporate plenty of background video to capture clips of the documentary.

HighKey Photography

Site for photography in Cordoba. Features full portfolio and services to earn more photography clients.

Give Go Fund

Site showcasing a non-profit organization dedicated to growing the sport of lacrosse in developing neighborhoods. Site was created as a donation to the non-profit.

United Medical Supply

Ecommerce site on the Shopify platform. Full custom design and helped integrate Shopify with Microsoft GP.

Rhyme Combinator

Event site and coming soon page for a San Francisco based Hip Hop musical.


My own custom design wedding website.


Site for a fire investigation company based out of Ohio. Fully customized design.


Site for a web design and marketing company.


Recreating the effect of the Canva.com homepage for a client. Pretty cool effect if you ask me.

Vizzy Guitar

Custom web app which teaches aspiring guitar players how to play and sings different songs on guitar


Options trading membership site where users subscribe to receive trade ideas. Includes admin panel for owner to enter and track all trades.

The Smirking BEAR

A crisp web design template that I created for a small web and graphic design business.


Wordpress site for a premier hospitality internet marketing firm out of Park City, Utah.

Sam's SOcial CLub

Wordpress site for a new restaurant in Calistoga, CA. Full project including design, coding, and SEO.


Custom design for a company home page to demonstrate software product and create professional image.


Custom web design for an IT staffing and data analytics company.


Contact me for web design, web development, and SEO/strategy projects.

“Working with Damon has been incredible. We're on our third project together and I only wish I'd found him sooner. He builds beautiful websites that work!  He’s extremely professional, passionate and responsive to all of my questions and requests. And with his sense of humor, it's fun working with Damon. I highly recommend him for any web design or development project you have.”

Sergio Borgato, Owner of Grouca.com


With your idea and my work, together we’ll build a website so slick that Google itself will call and say “Wow, that’s a nice website”. 

Let’s Talk

First let’s chat about your website or web app. We can brainstorm through a lot of different ideas and ensure we have a good vision before starting to build the masterpiece. 


Then I’ll design the front end using design principles to capture the exact feeling that we’re going for. There are unlimited revisions of designs when working with me. 


Afterwards, I’ll code the backend. Whether we need API integration, custom code or a database to store data, anything is possible. I’ll also test everything thoroughly.


The project is not complete until you're 100% satisfied with what I've built. So test that web site or web app all you want if you want any changes just let me know. 




The first thing that visitors see on a website is the design. That's why this guy designs websites and web apps which create the exact feel we’re going for. Whether that's fun, professional, or goofy we’ll use the elements of web design to intrigue users. All my web designs are responsive meaning they look great on the phone. 


With a solid background in PHP, MySQL, and Javascript, the Web Developer builds a backend that does exactly what you want. We can bring in data from any API, store and manipulate that data in any way. With his extensive IT background this guy will also make pointed recommendations for how the website should work. 


What's a great website or web app if nobody can find it? The SEO & Strategy guy focuses on building a plan to ensure Google knows your site exists and drives traffic to your website. We’ll understand the specific industry you're in and get the site near the top of organic search results for long-tail keywords which means more people will discover you.


From the moment Zeta, our beautiful Sheltie,  walked in the door, he made it clear he was the boss. Ignoring orders from his owners and handling his business where he pleased. These days the boss's main prowess is his uncanny ability to nap all day while the other 3 team members are hard at work building beautiful websites and web apps. 

“The work Damon put into building MyClique.com has been outstanding. The web design is very slick and the functionality even better. With his background in consulting he provided key suggestions along the way as we turned this project from an idea of mine into a fully functioning and beautiful web app that serves thousands of users." 

Carle Henry, CoFounder of mYClique.com

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